About UltraClot® Wound Care Technology 
The UltraClot® formulation is a patented and FDA approved hemostatic wound care technology that provides a platform for application specific products designed to control severe hemorrhage due to arterial bleeding under the most adverse combat conditions found on the battlefield and mass casualty situations. Currently, UltraClot® products are in use by U.S. Military Special Forces; U.S. Dept. of State; Afghan, Iraq, and Kurdish Armed Forces; and an NGO in Africa.

UltraClot® Gauze’s unique formulation increases the absorption rate and capacity of the hemostatic agent through its layers, wicking excess blood from the wound site while accelerating clot formation. UltraClot® Gauze and UltraClot® Gauze One-Step versions are designed to stop bleeding in large cavity wound openings even with exit wounds. Simple to use, they can be self-administered with one hand. Their efficacy is proven by the results of the Comparative Performance Study (see below) and the lives of soldiers and civilians they have saved on the battlefield. 
BallistiClot® is the catheter injected slurry form of the UltraClot® formulation which controls severe hemorrhage in narrow entry / exit wounds even with indirect wound tracks where visualization and access to the wound source is impossible. BallistiClot® is designed for gunshot and other ballistic wounds, stab wounds, as well as shrapnel wounds from IED explosions.
UltraClot® wound care technology has been proven safe. The primary active ingredient is beneficiated hectorite clay. Unlike other clay based hemostatic agents, its open three dimensional structure created when in contact with blood eliminates ANY possibility of occlusion or thrombosis. It is even used as a drug delivery vehicle for controlled release of therapeutic agents injected into highly vascular tumors.
UltraClot® OTC products stop bleeding fast. Designed to control minor bleeding, they are ideal for use by people with clotting issues, including those taking blood thinners such as Coumadin®, Plavix®, Pradaxa®, Xarelto®, aspirin, etc. 

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